Altair™ 240 Automated Benchtop Chemistry Analyzer


The Altair 240 is the ideal solution for labs, doctors’ offices, clinics and veterinary labs in need of a benchtop chemistry analyzer.

The Altair 240 is the ideal solution for any lab in need of a benchtop chemistry analyzer.  The analyzer is supported by a full-range of bar-coded, liquid-stable, ready-to-use Stanbio Chemistry reagents and at less than a meter in length the unit fits easily into most laboratory benches.

With positions for 43 reagents and the ability to configure open channels if needed, the Altair 240 provides a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the demands of your laboratory.

The Altair 240 automatically reads and manages barcoded reagent bottles and primary sample tubes. Most reagents have 30-day on-board stability to minimize waste.

The built-in cuvette washing system also allows you to reuse cuvettes, lowering operating costs for your lab.

  • Set up patient samples and order tests with ease
  • View work sessions in real-time, check reagent test levels and perform STAT procedures
  • Call up results ‘by patient’ or ‘by method’ at the touch or a button
  • View QC results quickly, using Levey-Jennings plots on three levels of controls

Automated performance

The Altair™ 240 Benchtop Chemistry Analyzer automatically reads and manages barcoded reagent bottles and primary sample tubes. Most reagents have 30-day on-board stability to minimize waste. The intuitive Windows®-based software screens make learning and operating the analyzer quick and easy.

Fast and efficient

The Altair™ 240 Automated Benchtop Chemistry Analyzer can run up to 400 tests per hour with an optional Ion Sensitive Electrode (ISE) module; it will also run 240 tests per hour without the ISE module. Dual reagent probes translate to higher throughput and faster patient turn-around time. The increased efficiency of reusable cuvettes allows lower operating costs for your lab.

Touchscreen software

The intuitive touchscreen allows you to easily program work lists, perform actions inside working sessions and view results.

Ordering Information

DescriptionReference NumberPack Qty
Altair™ 240 Analyzer Without ISE ModuleG6000-0011 Each
Altair™ 240 Analyzer With ISE ModuleG6600-0011 Each
DescriptionReference NumberPack Qty
Systemic Solution ConcentrateA0310-0011 x 1 liter
Cuvette Cleaner ConcentrateA0315-0022 x 2 liters
Sample Cups (Clear)9950-0011 bag of 1000
Extra Wash Cuvette CleanerA0300-0021 x 2 liters
Probe CleanerA0305-3209 x 36 washes
R1 Bottles SetA0400-02020 x bottles/caps
R2 Bottles SetA0405-02020 x bottles/caps
Tube HoldersP31400002691 box of 10
DescriptionReference NumberPack Qty
ISE Reagent Pack (Cal. A & CAL. B)S31410002901 Pack
ISE Cleaning SolutionS314100029290 mL
Chloride ElectrodeS31410002861 Each
Lithium ElectrodeS31410002871 Each
Potassium ElectrodeS31410002851 Each
Reference ElectrodeS31410002881 Each
Sodium ElectrodeS31410002841 Each
Spacer ElectrodeS31410002891 Each
ISE Pump Tube KitS31410002931 Kit
ISE Fluid Tubing KitS31410002941 Kit
ISE Urine DiluentS31410003511 x 125 mL


Key Features

Up to 400 tests per hour (with ISE)
Integrated cuvette washing station
Robust and reliable
43 reagent positions and 49 sample positions
User-friendly Windows® interface


Methodology – Photometric method using monochromatic and bichromatic measurement

Photometric linearity – 0 to 3.0 OD

Wavelengths – (8 discrete) 340, 405, 492, 505, 546, 578, 630, 700 nm

Throughput – Double-arm functionality yields up to 400 tests per hour, or up to 240 tests per hour w/o ISE

Sample volume – 1 to 300 µL

Reagent volume – 1 to 400 µL

Software – All-in-one touchscreen computer with Windows® 10 operating system and LIS bi-directional connectivity

Water consumption – 4.5 liters per hour

Weight – 60 kgs

Dimensions – 93 x 72 x 60 cm

Analyzer pack includes

Analyzer, accessories, keyboard, user manual, touch screen computer, screen lever arm and mouse

Frequently asked questions

The Altair™ 240 is an open channel chemistry system. It is calibrated to run the range of Stanbio Chemistry range of reagents, but can also be configured to meet the needs of individual laboratories.

The Altair™ comes with an all-in-one touchscreen computer with Windows® 10 operating system and LIS bi-directional connectivity.

Other core features include:

  • Programmable instrument stand-by and wake-up functions
  • Display of quality control levels with Levey-Jennings graphics
  • Self-diagnosis and alarm procedures
  • Customizable profiles to easily manage workload
  • Powerful, expandable archive for patients test results and QC results
  • Active monitoring of reagents and main instrument liquid levels
  • Water supply, wash solution, and waste level tank alarms

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