HemoPoint H2® DMS Hemoglobin Analyzer

The HemoPoint H2® DMS is discontinued as of July 2018


The HemoPoint® H2 DMS Hemoglobin Analyzer version adds the ability to quickly, securely, and automatically manage, access and even analyze your hemoglobin test results

To the many advantages of the HemoPoint® H2 Hemoglobin Analyzer, the new DMS version adds the ability to quickly, securely, and automatically manage, access, and even analyze the test results you’ve gathered.

The DMS software allows you to link seamlessly to a nearby computer. Data can then be sent to your Information Management System (IMS).

Such instant connectivity aids in the accuracy of patient records, future billing, and potential statistical analysis. With features like this and many others, the HemoPoint® H2 DMS Hemoglobin Analyzer points the way to care that is better and more cost effective.

Easy measurements in 3 steps


1.  Collect blood sample.


2.  Put microcuvette into analyzer.


3. Result appears in 25-60 sec.

 Data Management Functions

Operator Identification/Lockout
Operator barcode identification ensures that only authorized persons can use the Hemoglobin Analyzer.

Patient Identification (PID)
Allows patient identification to be entered via the barcode reader.

Quality Control Lockout
This feature can be enabled by the HemoPoint® H2 DMS Hemoglobin Analyzer InterLink software to require preset quality control intervals on pre-defined QC materials.

Recall Past Results
Large memory for up to 4,000 patient results and 500 QC results

Microcuvette Check
This HemoPoint® H2 DMS user definable function can be configured to prohibit testing with expired or unregistered microcuvettes.

Urgent Sample (STAT) Capability
When urgent measurements are needed, the HemoPoint® H2 DMS Hemoglobin Analyzer is ready. With this option selected, it is possible to carry out testing without the usual patient ID, lab ID, or QC requests.

Ability to Add Comments
This function allows operator comments to be allocated to each patient and quality control result to explain errors.

Data Transfer
HemoPoint® H2 DMS Hemoglobin Analyzer communicates with your computer using an external USB Bluetooth® or cable connection.


Ordering Information – HemoPoint H2® DMS Hemoglobin Analyzer

Reference NumberPack Qty

DescriptionReference NumberPack Qty
HemoPoint® H2 DMS AnalyzerG3500-0011 Each
HemoPoint® H2 DMS SystemG3500-001SYS1 Each
DescriptionReference NumberPack Qty
HemoPoint® H2 n.x.t Microcuvettes (100)3015-1002 containers of 50 (100 tests)
HemoPoint® H2 n.x.t Microcuvettes (200)3015-2004 containers of 50 (200 tests)
HemoPoint® H2 Microcuvettes (foil Wrapped)3025-0501 carton of 50 tests
HemoPoint® H2 Bi-Level Hgb Controls3065-2011 pack of 2 x 1.5 mL bottles
HemoPoint® H2 Bi-Level Hgb Controls3065-6011 pack of 6 x 1.5 mL bottles
HemoPoint® H2 Optics Cleaner3050-0055 Each
DescriptionReference NumberPack Qty
HemoPoint® H2 DMS Docking StationG3600-001 1 Each
HemoPoint® H2 DMS Mini-KeyboardG3700-001 1 Each
HemoPoint® H2 DMS InterLink SoftwareG3750-001 1 Each
HemoPoint® H2 DMS Plastic Carrying Case3195-001 1 Each
HemoPoint® H2 DMS 3-Way Connecting CableG3900-001 1 Each
HemoPoint® H2 DMS Barcode ReaderG3850-001 1 Each
HemoPoint® H2 DMS Bluetooth® DongleG3800-001 1 Each
Thermal Printer, DPU-414G3250-001 1 Each
Printer, Power Adaptor3150-001 1 Each
Printer, Battery Pack3175-001 1 Each
Printer, Cable3172-001 1 Each


Key Features

Fast results in about 30 seconds
Intuitive touchscreen
No routine maintenance required
Integrated rechargeable battery
’Soft load’ cuvette holder
CLIA waived


Methodology – Azide methemoglobin

Principle – Photometric

Sample Type – Capillary, arterial or venous blood

Sample Size – 8 µl

Linearity – 0–20 g/dL: ±0.3 g/dL

Total Precision CV – <1.5 %

Analyzer system pack includes

Analyzer, user guide, power adaptor, barcode reader, Bluetooth® dongle, H2 DMS InterLink Software, H2 DMS InterLink Software user guide, barcode chart, quick guide, optics cleaner and wall chart

Frequently asked questions

The HemoPoint® H2 DMS Hemoglobin Analyzer allows the installation of data management functions on the device. The configuration can be done using the InterLink™ PC software (full version required). The export of results with time, date and linked data entries to the PC is handled by the InterLink™ software.

The HemoPoint® H2 and HemoPoint® H2 DMS can be connected to a PC using serial (Sub-D 9 pin) or USB cables which need to be ordered separately. On HemoPoint® H2 DMS an integrated Bluetooth interface is available, too.

Barcode identification of patients, access control and identification of operators, recognition of cuvette LOT and control materials, definition of Quality Control scheme and QC lockout function, addition of comments to test results, flagging of rejected values and range violations. Barcodes are conveniently read into the device using an ergonomic hand-held scanner.

Two methods for quality control are available for HemoPoint® H2:

  1. Each time the device is turned on a self test is performed automatically.
  2. Liquid quality controls (Hgb Controls) are available for HemoPoint® H2. Please ask your local sales representative.

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