Creamatocrit Plus™ – Breast Milk Analyzer

Creamatocrit Plus-Mothers-Milk-Analyzer

Creamatocrit Plus™ breast milk analyzer measures the lipid content in mothers’ milk and estimates the calories and fat, helping to ensure that the youngest lives get the healthiest possible start.

Creamatocrit Plus™ is the first and only breast milk analyzer dedicated to providing a fast, accurate creamatocrit measure.

Creamatocrit Plus introduces a simple and inexpensive technique for estimating the lipid concentration and calorific density in mothers’ milk. It provides information doctors need and the peace-of-mind mothers need to continue breastfeeding.

The breast milk analyzer technique is especially useful in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) to ensure premature infants are receiving the calories they need to thrive.

Easy measurements in 3 steps


1.  Collect milk sample.


2.  Place the sealed tube into the centrifuge.


3.  Read results displayed on screen.

  • Displays creamatocrit, calories per ounce, kcalories per 100 mililiters, kcalories per liter and fat grams per liter
  • Eliminates calipers and conversion charts
  • Whisper quiet operation with built-in tachometer
  • Two year warranty

Creamatocrit Plus™ also guides the separation of foremilk and the high-lipid, high-calorific hindmilk to accelerate weight gain in extremely low birthweight infants.  This makes it extremely useful for Mother’s Milk Banks and WIC (Women, Infants and Children programs in USA).

Ordering Information

Description Reference Number Pack Qty
Creamatocrit Plus™ 100-146 1 Each
Description Reference Number Pack Qty
Creamatocrit Plus Tubes 270-110 5 vials of 200
Disposable Transparent Tube Holders 230-100 1 box of 50
HemataSeal Tube Sealant 260-100 1 box of 10
Description Reference Number Pack Qty
Replacement Control Strip 970-112 1 Each
Carrying Case 320-100 1 Each
Re-chargeable Battery 280-104 1 Each


Key Features

Measures the lipid content of mother’s milk
Estimates caloric content
Three minute centrifugation
Small and lightweight
Six place rotor


Use – Determination of creamatocrit, estimated calories and other parameters of breast milk

Rotor – 6 place, fixed angle head

RPM – 5,670 – 6,930

Dimensions – 7″ (w) x 11″ (d) x 5″ (h)

Weight – 2 lbs

Analyzer pack includes

Centrifuge, power supply, 10 x disposable transparent tube holders, instruction manual, laminated quick reference guide, one vial of creamatocrit Plus tubes, one tray of tube sealant and control strip.

Frequently asked questions

The Creamatocrit Plus is CE marked. In the USA it requires no pre-marketing clearance, or specifically an FDA 510(k) clearance.

Human lactated milk is classified as a medical food. Medical foods were defined in the Orphan Drug Act of 1988, and, as such, are not regulated as either a food or a drug by the FDA

The frequency with which a mother should be tested depends on the situation. If the device is used to support breastfeeding by showing the mother just how good her milk is, then perhaps one test is sufficient.

However, in a Neonatal intensive care unit (ICU) the mother’s milk may be tested a number of times throughout a 24 hour period.

A control strip is included with the centrifuge. It can be used to confirm the tube reader is working correctly. Directions for performing a spin time and a tachometer test are included in the manual.