Creamatocrit Plus™ – Breast Milk Analyzer


For research only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
Creamatocrit Plus™ breast milk analyzer measures the lipid content in mothers’ milk.

Creamatocrit Plus introduces a simple and inexpensive technique for estimating the lipid concentration and calorific density in mothers’ milk.

Easy measurements in 3 steps


1.  Collect milk sample.


2.  Place the sealed tube into the centrifuge.


3.  Read results displayed on screen.

  • Displays creamatocrit, calories per ounce, kcalories per 100 mililiters, kcalories per liter and fat grams per liter
  • Eliminates calipers and conversion charts
  • Whisper quiet operation with built-in tachometer
  • Two year warranty

Ordering Information

Description Reference Number Pack Qty
Creamatocrit Plus™ RUO 100-145 1 Each
Description Reference Number Pack Qty
Creamatocrit Plus Tubes 270-110 5 vials of 200
Disposable Transparent Tube Holders 230-100 1 box of 50
HemataSeal Tube Sealant 260-100 1 box of 10
Description Reference Number Pack Qty
Replacement Control Strip 970-112 1 Each
Carrying Case 320-100 1 Each
Re-chargeable Battery 280-104 1 Each


Key Features

Measures the lipid content of mother’s milk
Estimates caloric content
Three minute centrifugation
Small and lightweight
Six place rotor


Use – For research use only. Determination of creamatocrit, estimated calories and other parameters of breast milk. Not for use in diagnostic procedures

Rotor – 6 place, fixed angle head

RPM – 5,670 – 6,930

Dimensions – 7″ (w) x 11″ (d) x 5″ (h)

Weight – 2 lbs

Analyzer pack includes

Centrifuge, power supply, 10 x disposable transparent tube holders, instruction manual, laminated quick reference guide, one vial of creamatocrit Plus tubes, one tray of tube sealant and control strip.

Frequently asked questions

A control strip is included with the centrifuge. It can be used to confirm the tube reader is working correctly. Directions for performing a spin time and a tachometer test are included in the manual.