Hemo Control hemoglobin and hematocrit analyzer

Accurate hemoglobin and hematocrit* results with one simple test

Accurate near patient testing for hemoglobin and hematocrit* meets advanced connectivity and reporting requirements.

Easy measurements in 3 steps


1.  Collect blood sample.


2.  Put microcuvette into analyzer.


3.  Result appears in 25-60 sec.

Easy to use

  • User friendly features minimizes training time
  • Step by step instructions on screen
  • Backlit touch screen
  • User selectable language menu
  • Soft-load cuvette holder minimizes risk of contamination

Practical and portable

  • Hemoglobin and hematocrit results from one sample available after 25–60 seconds (depending on the concentration)
  • Venous, arterial or capillary blood
  • Sample volume only 8 μl
  • Microcuvette design minimizes risk of air bubbles
  • Compact in size and weighing just 1.5 lbs
  • No maintenance required. Auto self-test
  • Integrated rechargeable battery (100 hours)

Accurate and reliable

  • Operating ambient temperature 15°C–40°C
  • Photometric azide methemoglobin method
  • Measuring range: 0–25.6 g/dL; 0–15.9 mmol/L
  • Precision: CV <1.5%
  • Linearity: 0–20 g/dL: ±0.3 g/dL; >20 g/dL: ±0.7 g/dL
  • Factory-calibrated with no need for further calibration
  • Control cuvette included
  • Hematocrit range 36 – 54 % (calculated)

Data management functions

  • Bidirectional interface using a standard communication protocol
  • Stores 4,000 patient results
  • Connect to PC via USB connector cable
  • Basic device upgradeable with data management (DM) functions: Barcode identification of patients, operators, cuvette LOT and control materials, quality control lockout function, additionally stores 500QC results
  • Connectible with EKF Data Management software for easy configuration and reporting

Key Features

2 results in 1 test
Easy to use
Small 8 μL sample volume
No routine maintenance required
Data management functions

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