EKF Link: A flexible connectivity solution for POC

heath data connectivity solution

Key Features

Connect multiple POC analyzers securely
Patient data, QC, Operator Management
Remote configuration of POC analyzers
Install on a PC, server or Cloud*

*The cloud solution will be introduced with a later release of EKF Link

Flexible, empowering and open Data Management Solution

POC connectivity solution

One solution for multiple situations


EKF Link has been designed by IT Solution engineers working alongside hospital POC Managers to provide users with a single, comprehensive yet flexible platform.

EKF Link’s simple set-up, intuitive interface and user-friendly graphics enable effective utility in GP offices, pharmacies, laboratories, hospitals and blood banks. There are no barriers to where and how EKF Link can be implemented.

EKF Link can be installed on a PC (Windows or Apple), a server or can be operated via the Cloud* allowing access to authorized users anywhere at any time.


EKF Point of Care analyzers can be connected to EKF Link, the software has been designed to allow the addition of more analyzers as and when they are required.


Available now

EKF Link is now available to connect any of the following products* to a LIMS or HIS/EMR:

POC connectivity solution* Not all products are available in all countries

Data for connected health

Connectivity explained

POC connectivity solution

1. Perform a patient or QC test on an EKF POC analyzer

health data connectivity solution

2. Upload and manage every patient’s care pathway

POC connectivity solution

3. Send Patient and QC test results to a LIS, retrieve patient demographics

Power-up your Point of Care diagnostics

Give your Point of Care devices super powers by connecting them using EKF Link. With just a few clicks an analyzer can capture patient information, run QC, lock-out unauthorized users and send information into a LIMS system. And that’s not all:

  • Configure all of your devices from a central location
  • Operator and report management functions
  • Automated transfer data minimizes the risk of transcription error

POC-connectivity-solution  Standalone

Allows users to send test results with time stamp to LIMS


ID Management

Operator Management allowing only certified operators to use the analyser


Instrument Management

Set instrument configuration remotely
Create and assign designated location to instrument


Other features include

Additional workflow available
Report management with the ability to create PDF and CSV reports

POC connectivity solution

Product Support Documents

New connectivity features

Feature Advantage
Safe and secure Integrated Device Connector Connect multiple Point of Care analyzers securely and easily to LIMS/EMR
Maximum flexibility Advanced architecture Host on your laptop, server or on the Cloud*. Your data, your choice!
Data is accessible from most web browser using security protocol without the need to install an additional module
Test integrity Patient and QC management Review tests in tables and charts
Check results
Add comments
Traceability Operator management Automatically lock out users who are not correctly certified to reduce the risk of errors and to meet strict regulatory and quality requirements
Visibility Instrument management Manage your analyzers remotely
Check the status of individual analyzers
Archive Report management Export test results as PDF or CSV files


‘EKF Link is an outstanding data management system at Point Of Care in the Hospital setting. In our Trust we have connected a number of POCT devices and in turn safe guarding our staff and patients in line with MHRA guidance on the use of POCT devices.

EKF Link is easy to use and intuitive at every stage. All our connected POCT devices have IQC lock out predefined by POCT, lot number control of consumables & IQC material, barcoded operator ID’s, patient demographics set as mandatory inputs at point of care.

All results are electronically transmitted from the device to EKF Link and takes are in place with the Trust to activate these in the electronic patient record. In the meantime the results are available to view in EKF Link in easy to use patient result screens, displaying graphs, all on a particular patient across all the devices and over the lifetime of the patient testing.

EKF Link has made life simple and easy at point of care and we are now exploring connecting 3rd party devices to the platform.’

Ms Terri Robinson BSc (Hons)
Specialist Biomedical Scientist – Point Of Care Testing Co-ordinator,
ULH Pan Trust