QuStick™ Strep A Rapid Test


Enhanced Sensitivity

Key features

  • Enhanced Sensitivity (Low Counts) 97% sensitivity compared to culture.
  • Superior Culture Classification 91% @ Rare (< 5 colonies) 100% @ 1+ (< 10 colonies)
  • Easy-to-Use CLIA waived, requires minimal training.
  • Complete The kit includes everything you need.
  • Fast Positive results may be seen in as little as 30 seconds.

QuStick™ Strep A Rapid Test’s ultra-sensitivity means that it requires fewer colonies to yield a positive result. Which means that even patients presenting less obvious symptoms can be detected.

QuStick™ Strep A Rapid Test from EKF Diagnostics provides qualitative detection of Group A Streptococcal Antigen directly from patient throat swab specimens within five minutes.QuStick™ Strep A Rapid Test is highly sensitive and has been proven to detect difficult cases that other rapid streptococcal tests may miss. It requires fewer bacterial colonies to be present in order to provide a positive result.

QuStick™ Strep A kits from EKF (Stanbio) are CLIA waived and include everything needed to perform the test.

In turn, this means that Strep A can be diagnosed earlier allowing patients to be treated quicker and more cost-effectively.

QuStick™ Strep A Rapid Test kits use a simple dip stick format. Each kit includes individually pouched test strips, reagent A and B, positive and negative external controls, sterile throat swabs, extraction tubes and a pictorial user’s guide.

Early diagnosis of Strep A infection means more cost-effective treatment and increased patient satisfaction.

Ordering information

Reference No. Contents
6000-025 25 Tests
6000-050 50 Test

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