HemoPoint® H2 Hemoglobin Meter


The HemoPoint® H2 Hemoglobin Meter provides a precise hemoglobin and hematocrit* measurement in as quick as 30 seconds – One test. Two results.

The HemoPoint® H2 Hemoglobin Analyzer provides a hemoglobin measurement and a hematocrit calculation* from 30 seconds. HemoPoint H2 Hemoglobin Meter is CLIA waived and enables users to perform tests quickly and easily.

Easy measurements in 3 steps


1.  Collect blood sample.


2.  Put microcuvette into analyzer.


3.  Result appears in 25-60 sec.

The innovative ‘soft load’ cuvette holder prevents optics contamination, reducing the need for cleaning, and the intuitive backlit touchscreen allows simple and easy operation. The large memory of the Hemoglobin Meter allows you to recall the last 4,000 results, including the time and date of result and patient type.

  • Small Sample Size – Only requires a fingerstick of blood
  • Touchscreen – Allows for easy operation
  • Fast Results – Accurate results for both hemoglobin and hematocrit* tests in as little as 30 seconds
  • Data Storage – Recalls the last 4,000 test results

This highly portable analyzer also features an integrated rechargeable battery that provides 100 hours use for each charge, allowing the analyzer to be used in the field for large scale screening programs. A handy ‘always ready’ stand-by function reduces energy consumption and allows users to quickly start running tests without needing to remember to switch it on and off.

  • Minimal Training Time – Instrument’s ease-of-use and user-friendly features make testing simple
  • Portable – Rechargeable battery.
  • Instant Alerts – Flags test results when outside of user-defined limits
  • Low Maintenance – Requires no extra servicing to function as designed

*Hematocrit result is calculated when hemoglobin result is within 12-18 g/dL

Ordering Information – HemoPoint® H2 Hemoglobin Meter

Description Reference Number Pack Qty
HemoPoint® H2 Hemoglobin Meter G3000-CONTCUV 1 Each
Description Reference Number Pack Qty
HemoPoint® H2 n.x.t Microcuvettes (100 Tests) 3015-100 2 containers of 50 (100 tests)
HemoPoint® H2 n.x.t Microcuvettes (200 Tests) 3015-200 4 containers of 50 (200 tests)
HemoPoint® H2 Microcuvettes (foil Wrapped) 3025-050 1 carton of 50 tests
HemoPoint® H2 Bi-Level Hgb Controls 3065-201 1 Kit (2 x 1.5 mL)
HemoPoint® H2 Bi-Level Hgb Controls 3065-601 1 Kit (6 x 1.5 mL)
HemoPoint® H2 Optics Cleaner 3050-005 5 Each
Description Reference Number Pack Qty
Printer, DPU-414 G3250-001 1 Each
Printer, Power Adaptor 3150-001 1 Each
Printer, Battery Pack 3175-001 1 Each
Printer, Cable 3172-001 1 Each
Printer, Thermal Paper 3180-005 1 Box (5 Rolls)
Power Adaptor for the HemoPoint® H2 3040-001 1 Each
HemoPoint® H2 Carrying Case, Plastic (Empty) 3190-001 1 Each


Key Features

Fast results in as quick as 30 seconds
Intuitive touchscreen
'Soft load' cuvette holder
No routine maintenance required
Integrated rechargeable battery
CLIA waived


Methodology – Azide methemoglobin

Principle – Photometric

Sample Type – Capillary, arterial or venous blood

Sample Size – 8 µl

Linearity – 0–20 g/dL ±0.3 g/dL

Total Precision CV – <1.5 %

Analyzer pack includes

Analyzer, power adaptor, user guide. quick guide, optics cleaner, control cuvette and wall chart

Frequently asked questions

The HemoPoint® H2 Hemoglobin Meter is calibrated against the cyanmethemoglobin reference method, known as NCCLS (now CLSI) reference method and yields results comparable with ICSH standards.

The analyzer is accurate to +/- 0.3 g/dL at about 14.0 g/dL.

HemoPoint® H2 guarantees a CV of <1.5%.

A fully charged battery will allow 100 hours continuous operation. On a full charge the analyzer can also sit in stand-by mode for up to 30 days.

Unlike other brands, three methods for quality control are available for HemoPoint® H2 Hemoglobin Meter:

  1. Each time the device is turned on a self test is performed automatically.
  2. A control cuvette is included as a physical standard to check the optical unit of the device.
  3. Liquid quality controls (Hgb Controls) are available for HemoPoint® H2 Hemoglobin Meter. Please ask your local sales representative.

Air bubbles can affect the measured result. We recommend that if an air bubble is present the cuvette should be disposed of. The rounded tip of HemoPoint® H2 Hemoglobin Meter n.x.t cuvettes allows holding of the cuvette in any angle to the sample. An air vent (opening) at the rear of the sample cavity reduces the risk of introducing air bubbles nearly to zero.

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