UltraCrit™ Hematocrit Device

The UltraCrit™ Hematocrit Device is a CLIA waived hematocrit device, high accuracy hematocrit measurement for blood donor screening

EKF Diagnostics UltraCrit™Hematocri device is a point-of-care hematocrit device delivering highly accurate measurements for blood donor screening.

UltraCrit™Hematocrit Device is a unique technology, developed in the USA. It is the first and only hematocrit/hemoglobin device to use ultrasound methodology. Using the highly accurate ultrasound method means blood banks can be confident that they will minimize the number of false deferrals and false accepts.

UltraCrit™Hematocrit Device cuvettes use a 40 μl blood sample which is then inserted into the device. Results are displayed within 30 seconds.

Innovative cuvettes

  • 40 µl sample size from capillary or venous sample
  • Cuvettes contain no chemicals, have 15 month shelf life, and are not affected by humidity
  • Operating ambient temperature 50 – 104˚F
  • Storage temperature 32˚F – 86˚F

Accurate and reliable

  • Ultrasound technology for high accuracy results
  • Imprecision CV: <0.8% CV at 41% Hct
  • Results within 30 seconds
  • Two year warranty

Ordering Information

Description Reference Number Pack Qty
UltraCrit™ Device 100-200SB 1 Each
Description Reference Number Pack Qty
UltraCrit Cuvettes 270-111SB 1 Canister of 50
UltraCrit Control Cuvettes (QC) 270-112SB 1 Canister of 50
UltraCheck Reference Controls – Low 300-116SB 60 x 0.6 mL Snap Vials
UltraCheck Reference Controls – Normal 300-117SB 60 x 0.6 mL Snap Vials
UltraCheck Reference Controls – High 300-118SB 60 x 0.6 mL Snap Vials
Description Reference Number Pack Qty
UltraCrit™ Cleaning Tools 320-113SB Pack of 50
Hard-Side Carrying Case (Holds 4 x Devices) 320-106SB 1 Each
Soft-Side Carrying Case (Holds 1 x Device) 320-107SB 1 Each


Key Features

Highly accurate ultrasound technology
Reagent-free microcuvettes
Hematocrit and hemoglobin results
Results within 30 seconds
CLIA waived


Methodology – Ultrasound

Sample Type – Capillary or venous blood

Sample Size – 40 μl

Accuracy – < 0.4 % Hct

Linearity – 10.3 – 72.0 % Hct

Imprecision CV – <0.8 % CV at 41 Hct

Device pack includes

Device, user manual, USB power module and USB cable.

Frequently asked questions

The device recognizes when a cuvette is not properly filled, resulting in an error message, not a false reading.

Cuvette Specifications are as follows:

  • Contain no chemicals
  • 15-month shelf life (expiration date always falls on the last day of the month)
  • Opening the container does not change the expiration date
  • Validation of cuvettes not required
  • Operating temperature: 10 to 40°C (50 to 104°F)
  • Storage temperature: 0 to 30°C (32 to 86°F)
  • Not affected by humidity
  • Cuvette does not need to be filled in one continuous motion

An internal diagnostic test automatically runs each time UltraCrit™Hematocrit Analyzer is turned on. If liquid controls are required, UltraChek controls are non-biohazardous, non toxic, and require no refrigeration.  The easy to use single-use vials are available in low, normal and high levels

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