Nitro-tab Ketone Tablets


Key features

  • Urine results in 30 seconds
  • Serum and plasma results in 2 minutes
  • Whole blood result in 10 minutes
  • Room temperature storage for tablets
  • CLIA waived for urine testing

Ketone tablets

Nitro-tab ketone tablets are used for the semi-quantitative determination of ketones (acetoacetic acid and acetone) in urine, serum, plasma and whole blood.

The test is CLIA waived for urine testing and CLIA moderately complex for serum, plasma and whole blood.

Nitro-tab ketone tablets can be stored at room temperature. Control materials are available to confirm positive and negative results.

Easy and convenient results

Place a tablet on a clean, dry, white paper and add one drop of specimen to the tablet.

Urine results are read after 30 seconds, serum and plasma after 2 minutes, and whole blood after 10 minutes. The test is positive if the tablet shows a purple color. A CLSI formatted procedure is available.

Measure acetoacetic acid and acetone in urine, serum, plasma and whole blood

Principle of the test

Acetoacetic acid or acetone in urine or blood will form a complex with nitroprusside in the presence of glycerine. A buffer provides the optimum pH for this reaction.

Please note: Any purple color indicates a positive reaction.


Methodology Contents Storage Reference No.
Nitro-tab Ketone Tablets 100 ct. 15 – 30oC 4000-100
Ketone Urine Controls 1 x 5 mL – Positive
1 x 5 mL – Negative
2 – 8oC 4020-005
Ketone Serum Controls 1 x 2 mL – Positive
1 x 2 mL – Negative
2 – 8oC 4010-002