EKF in partnership with State WIC initiatives and the National WIC Association

EKF Diagnostics (Stanbio) is a long-term partner and supporter on the National WIC association and the state-run WIC initiatives. We offer WIC related products ranging from anemia analyzers, breastmilk analyzers, pregnancy testing kits and more.  EKF also offer a range of educational and engaging tools for young children and mothers on the risks of anemia and the benefits of a healthy iron rich diet.

WIC is for low-income pregnant and post-partum women, infants, and children up to age 5 who are at nutritional risk. EKF and WIC share the same outcome goals for Women and infants including:

  • Reducing low and very low birth-weight babies
  • Reducing the incidence of low-iron anemia
  • Increasing pregnant women’s consumption of key nutrients such as iron
  • Increasing access to regular health care

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Our range of WIC products

HemoPoint® H2

Accurate hemoglobin and hematocrit results with one simple test

HemoPoint H2 Hemoglobine Analyzer

Fast and accurate – Results in about 30 seconds with total precision < 1.5 % CV

Data storage – Recall up to 4,000 testresults with the touch of a button

Portable – Rechargeable battery with 100 hour battery life

Small sample size – Only 8μL capillary, venous, or arterial blood

DiaSpect Tm

Fast, reagent freehemoglobin testing in the palm of your hand

diaspect TM Hemoglobine Analyzer

Fast, reagent freehemoglobin testing in the pFast & accurateResults in less than 2 seconds with a precision of < 1 % CV

Highly portable – Handheld withbattery lasting 40 days or 10,000 test continuous use

Long life consumables – Reagent freecuvette shelf life over 2 ½ years

Creamatocrit Plus™

Support breastfeeding and show mom how great her milk is

Ensure that the youngest lives get the healthiest possible start.

Creamatocrit Plus measures the lipid content in the mother’s milk and estimates the calories and fat per ounce.

HemoMan activity pack

First class training and educational programs, free product installation, certification and annual refresher training supplied as standard.

Provide a fun and educational child friendly testing experience with EKF Stanbio’s Hemo Man Character Tools

Health Guide


Hemoglobin Flyer



EKF Diagnostics will exhibit at the following WIC Events in 2018


January 2018
23 – 26 Jan NWA Business Council Partner
March 2018
3 – 6 March NWA Leadership Conference
4 – 6 March State of Wisconsin WIC
21 March MMCAP
TBC State of New Mexico WIC
25 – 27 March State of New York WIC
April 2018
18 – 19 April State of Michigan WIC
22 – 25 April NWA Annual Education & Training Conference
29 Apr – 2 May State of California WIC
May 2018
TBC State of Oregon WIC
June 2018
21 – 23 June State of Texas WIC
TBC State of Colorado WIC
August 2018
TBC State of North Carolina WIC
September 2018
25 – 28 Sept NWA Breastfeeding Education Conference
November 2018
8 – 10 Nov Texas State WIC Director Meeting (TALWD)

All the products presented at WIC Events

Creamatocrit Plus

Breast milk analyzer | A simple and inexpensive technique for estimating the lipid concentration and calorific density in mothers’ milk.

True® 20

True® 20 pregnancy tests combine the benefits of our QuPID technology in an economical format.


QuPID is a single step cassette platform for urine or urine/serum pregnancy testing. The quick-clearing background ensures test results that are easy to interpret, minimizing the need for re-testing even with low level specimens.