Diagnostics Enzymes | Life Sciences

EKF Life Sciences manufacture diagnostics enzymes used in clinical diagnostic reagents. These include Arylacylamidase, β-Hydroxybutyrate Dehydrogenase and Salicylate Hydroxylase.
These diagnostics enzymes are used for the production Stanbio Chemistry branded reagents, OEM reagent production and are sold commercially for reagent production by third party clinical diagnostic companies.
Our enzymes also have many other biotech and industrial applications.


Other enzymes successfully produced or in development at EKF Life Sciences include Uricase and Diaphorase.


Used for the enzymatic determination of acetaminophen in serum.

Dehydrogenase (H-010)

Used for the enzymatic determination of ketone bodies in blood and serum.

Salicylate Hydroxylase

Used for the enzymatic determination of salicylate in serum.