Electrolytes Chemistry Reagents

The Stanbio Electrolytes Chemistry Reagents range includes liquid-stable reagents, calibrators, standards and controls that can be used on most main brand analyzers including Cobas, Architect, Dimension and Hitachi.

Stanbio Electrolytes Chemistry Reagents products are manufactured in our FDA regulated facility in Boerne, Texas.

All stages of the electrolytes chemistry reagents manufacturing process are based on strict Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations (cGMP).  We also offer OEM and contract manufacturing services.

Our LiquiColor® and Liqui-UV® electrolytes chemistry reagents are designed for ease of use and maximum stability.

  • Stability up to the expiration date, even after opening the bottle
  • Ready to use liquid reagent
  • Economical choice of reagent kits
  • Avoid reconstitution errors and water contamination

Electrolytes Chemistry Reagents

ProductReference No.TypeMediaCE MarkedAltairMethodologyDescription of contentsLinearityRead (nm)
Chloride LiquiColor®0210-250ReagentLiquidYNMercuric ThiocyanateR: 1 x 250 mL
STD: 1 x 3 mL  (100 mEq/L)
70 – 120 mEq/L500
Magnesium LiquiColor®0130-430ReagentLiquidYYXylidyl blueR: 4 x 30 mL
STD: 1 x 3 mL (2 mEq/L)
4.3 mEq/L520
Phosphorus Liqui-UV®0830-125ReagentLiquidYYPhosphomolybdateR: 1 x 250 mL
STD: 1 x 3 mL (10 mg/dL)
20 mg/dL340
Potassium Test (Manual)0160-050ReagentLiquidYNTurbidimetric immunoassay50 test
STD: 1 x 3 mL (4 mmol/L)
10 mmol/L580
Sodium Test (Manual)0140-050ReagentLiquidYNUranyl acetate50 tests
STD: 1 x 6 mL (140 mmol/L)
160 mmol/L420