EKF Diagnostics is now an official Afaxys GPO vendor

EKF Diagnostics, a global medical diagnostics business with a long history in point-of-care testing, is now a contracted vendor for the Afaxys Group Purchasing Organization.


True® 20 Pregnancy Test

Planned Parenthood now has access to EKF’s True® 20 Pregnancy Test.

QuPID® Pregnancy Tests

For members needing more, EKF offers its top of the line QuPID® Pregnancy Tests. You get the same benefits as the True 20® and more:

The quick clearing background of True® 20 ensures easy-to-read results.

  • Easy-to-read results
  • Requires only 2 drops of sample
  • Rapid results
  • Urine and serum specimens
  • Economical packs of 50 tests
True® 20 Pregnancy Test

QuPID® Pregnancy Tests are color coded to help distinguish between urine and serum tests

  • Color coded packaging and devices
  • Instructions printed on each wrapper
  • Convenient packs of 25 and 50 tests
  • Sensitivity of 10 mIU/mL for serum testing
QuPID® Pregnancy Tests

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For more information, including how to order, contact an EKF Diagnostics Public Health Representative.

EKF Diagnostics products are also available on emapp™.

Ordering information

Description Specimen Time to Result Sensitivity Kit Size Ref. No.
True® 20 hCG Test 2 drops Urine 3 min. 20 mIU/mL hCG 50 tests 1430-050
True® 20 Plus hCG Test 2 drops Urine/Serum 3 min.(urine) 5 min.(serum) 20 mIU/mL hCG in Urine
and Serum
50 tests 1440-050
QuPID® hCG Test 2 drops Urine 3 min. 20 mIU/mL hCG 25 Tests
50 Tests
QuPID® Plus hCG Test 2 drops
3 min. (urine)
5 min. (serum)
20 mIU/mL hCG in Urine
10 mIU/mL hCG in Serum
25 Tests
50 Tests
hCG Bi-level Urine Controls Urine 2 x 5 mL 1225-205
hCG Tri-level Serum Controls Serum 3 x 5 mL 1235-305